Welcome to my website and the first step to change.

I am Claire Gee and my counselling service is Come as you are (CAYA) Counselling.

This is a short introduction to what CAYA is all about.

CAYA is a counselling service which caters to all people of varying ages I am inclusive of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Life can be tough and feel like an endless cycle of unhelpful thoughts. Here at CAYA, I can offer you the space and confidentiality to concentrate on you, working through what is causing you distress, by actively listening, being compassionate, facilitating positive changes to thoughts feelings and behaviours.

I pride myself on offering a professional relaxed service to enable adults and young people to work through what is happening in their world, and the difficulties they are experiencing.

I work in a calm safe environment which is helpful to clients. I walk ‘side by side’ my clients on their journey through counselling always going at their pace. Each person is unique, so everybody has differing needs, I tailor sessions around individuality, ensuring each client knows they matter and are respected and have full control over their own lives, they are the expert on themselves.

Please take a look at my website. Contact me with any queries you have. I look forward to working with you.  


CAYA Counselling

Counselling and therapy in and around Skelmersdale, West Lancashire, Liverpool, Southport, Wigan, Ormskirk and online.

Counsellor Claire Gee