I offer person-centred counselling, known as talking therapy; this gives a person the space to speak openly and honestly without having to protect the feelings of those around them. I will be accepting and value you. I will be honest with you and convey how I experience your world. I will be empathetic to your viewpoint as it was my own.

When you’re attending counselling sessions with me, you’ll be encouraged to bring your own issues to the session – the counselling is led by you and not directed by the counsellor.

Many clients without prior knowledge of counselling believe that the counsellor will sort their problems out for them. A person-centred counsellor will help you to explore your own issues, feelings, beliefs, behaviour, and worldview, so you can become more self-aware and achieve greater independence.

I will help you to realise what resources and support are available to you, so you work through your own issues, build your self-confidence and appreciate that you always have options. I will treat you as the expert on yourself, as no one else knows exactly what it’s like to be you.

I will not judge you, no matter what you bring to the session. Helping build a trustworthy relationship in which you can feel free and supported to disclose whatever is troubling you. This will lead you to discover your own abilities and autonomy so that you can cope with current and future problems.

Initially, I offer 8 sessions with a review in session 6. This will enable you to see your progress. Counselling can end at any time or can be extended if there are still things you would like to work on and explore.

If you feel you would like to work together to find a way of being kind to yourself and showing the world the real, you contact me for our initial introduction on 07563284791 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CAYA Counselling

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Counsellor Claire Gee